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  Nature Elective

First posted February 1, 2004 Last updated June 19, 2009

Cazadero Performing Arts Camp lies nestled along Austin Creek, in a wonderful and rare natural area known as a Redwood Forest. This type of forest is rather rare in the world, found only from the southern edge of Oregon to the southern edge of Monterey County, and extending inland only a few dozen miles. Cazadero is blessed with being located in an Old Growth Redwood Forest, with several very mature trees.
The Redwood Forest is nourished by a combination of lush winter rains and cooling summer fogs, without which the redwoods would die. The dominant plant of the Redwood Forest is the Coast Redwood, a remnant of the dinosaur age. Spreading its shade over the land, it not only dominates in size but also controls what other plants can grow there, as well as what animals can live there. This plant and animal community is called a Redwood Forest Biozone. The Redwood Forest, therefore, is a unique and beautiful place, and we at Cazadero are lucky to be located in one. This part of the Cazadero website is devoted to bringing you information about the Redwood Forest, its plants, animals, ecology, and various scientific facts. You will also find the Lesson Plans that our counselors use in the Nature Program electives that are offered during our summer music programs.  
We hope that you enjoy the Cazadero Nature Program online and that your children will enjoy it as part of the summer with Cazadero.

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